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Solutions for all your GPS Tracking, Fleet and Driver Management needs with 25+ years of experience.

About Us

About Stanford Telematics

Stanford Telematics has been providing fleet management and tracking 
products for over 25 years. VDO invented on board monitoring of 
vehicle operations back in the 1950’s with the introduction of the 
mechanical Tachograph and is now in its sixth generation of On 
Board Computers.

We offer a wide variety of solutions ranging from simple GPS 
recorders to complete driver and fleet management systems with 
live tracking and messaging.

VDO Fleet Manager software is a client-server software for fleet 
managers that provide seamless integration for your fleet with 
VDO Fleet Manager on-board computers and scalable to meet 
your needs.

VDO Fleet Manager supports a range of different network 
options from stand-alone computer to LAN / WAN to the Internet. 
Whatever your network requirements are, VDO Fleet Manager 
will have a fleet management solution.


Solutions for all your GPS Tracking, Fleet and Driver Management
Needs with 25 years of experience. 

  • Lower fleet operating cost
  • Save fuel
  • Measure Productivity
  • Reduce your maintenance
  • Improve driver safety
  • Monitor and deter bad driving
  • Reduce risks of fines and damages
  •  Location management 
  • Reduce personal use of vehicle
  • Save fuel
  • Are your driver's performing at their best?
  • Active monitoring
  • Messaging & navigation
  • Safety & behavior modification
  • Lower idle times
  • Accident analysis


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